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Enterprise Conversational AI platform for end-to-end customer service automation

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Cognigy.AI is the leading Enterprise Conversational Automation Platform for building advanced, integrated Conversational Automation Solutions through the use of cognitive bots


A powerful low-code UI that enables anyone to create human-like Virtual Agents, faster and easier than ever

Explore the power of Cognigy's graphical conversation editor and manage the conversational flow of all your text and voice bots from one convenient location


Shape a new way of developing

The easy-to-use graphical editor allows programmers and conversation designers to build human-like conversations at lightning speed.


Extend AI to business users

The graphical editor and easy-to-learn design concepts enable business users to create, run, and deploy conversations quickly and without coding.


View changes in real-time previews

Visualize changes in your conversations immediately as you build them inside the graphical editor without the need to click and wait for an update.


Experience a powerful workflow engine

Configure complex, integrated conversational experiences with unmatched flexibility to help your team speed progress across bot building projects.

Automate conversations on any voice or text-based channel

Deploy your Virtual Agents anywhere within seconds

Develop conversational experiences across a wide range of voice and text channels, including web, phone, WhatsApp, Alexa, and many more.  Create a consistent user experience by keeping conversation context across channels and allow seamless handover between interaction points.

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The most powerful NLU on the market

Advanced AI-based Natural Language Understanding provides outstanding accuracy with low training efforts

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Built-in Cognigy.NLU

Understand what your users say with patent-pending innovations and deep-learning algorithms that deliver industry-leading performance, outweighing even the Big Tech players.

Integrated AI trainer

Train your AI and launch faster with Cognigy.AI’s supervised and semi-supervised learning solutions. The Intent Trainer lets you train your bot by reviewing the NLU results and providing feedback.

Speak in any language

Cognigy.NLU supports 100+ languages including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and many others, while also supporting language-independent machine learning models.

Incorporate external NLU

Stay flexible using out-of-the-box integrations with major NLU engines such as Google Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, and IBM Watson. Integrate task and domain-specific NLU and preserve investments.

Virtual Agents

Leverage the power of Cognigy's NLU that provides out-of-the-box support for over 100 languages.

Build Virtual Agents that respond flexibly in multiple languages, or allow seamless cross-language transition during interactions.

With the power of Cognigy.NLU, you build once, deploy everywhere: Go global with shared business logic across channels and languages.


Inbuilt Machine Translation

Harness the power of built-in sophisticated translation capabilities to power customer-centric automation in a global environment.

Cognigy.AI is crafted with multi-language in mind where the leading machine translation providers are integrated into the core of conversational AI orchestration. Learn more about AI-translation.


Localize existing content

Make the localization process easier, faster, and cost-efficient by eliminating language barriers and auto-translate existing content into any desired target language.


Real-time translation

Offer services in more languages without  the need for manual translation by offering bi-directional, real-time translation on any voice or chat channel. Use auto-detection and in-context switching for seamless experiences.

Agent AI Assistent

Live Agent Augmentation

Empower human agents with linguistic superpowers that allow them to interact real-time in any customer language with the robust live translation feature that is seamlessly embedded into Cognigy's live agent capabilities.

Intent Analyzer

Enable business users to build highly accurate and reliable intent models, faster than ever.

Cognigy.AI's Direct Intent Feedback provides intuitive assistance with NLU training and avoids overlap and redundancy.

The result: Powerful intent models with the highest precision at low training efforts. Managing large intent collections for advanced use cases has never been easier.


Enterprise-level operations

Cognigy.AI is designed for the highest enterprise requirements: Scalable, secure, and ultra-performant. Whether you aim to consolidate all Conversational AI initiatives across your organization into one platform or to roll out conversational experiences in high-load B2C scenarios, Cognigy.AI is the perfect solution. 

Voice and chatbots are just the beginning of the journey. Build a language-enabled enterprise, powered by Cognigy.AI.


Unlimited scalability

Cognigy.AI’s containerized micro-services architecture (Kubernetes-based) provides unlimited scaling and built-in resilience to handle peak traffic loads.


Compliance & data management

Cognigy.AI offers a data security package including environment time-to-live settings, encrypted tokens, and chat history storage control options on an infrastructure level. Cognigy is SOC2 certified and supports full GDPR compliance.


SaaS or on-premise

Cognigy.AI runs on Cognigy SaaS cloud or on your own infrastructure as an on-premise deployment.


Automated testing

Perform automated regression testing of your conversations to ensure that business objectives are still met after changes have been made.


Built-in logging

Access application and system logs from within Cognigy.AI and integrate with your existing logging tools.

Cognigy Insights

Fully integrated Conversational AI Analytics Suite for 360° Insights

Cognigy Insights is a powerful conversational AI analytics stack that supercharges conversational automation by providing an easy and intuitive way to visualize, aggregate, and act based on the right data. All in one single platform, fully integrated with your Virtual Agents. Find out more.

Powerful KPI Dashboards

Contact Management

GDPR-compliant user profiles and personalization

Store user data across sessions and channels. Manage contact details and drive 1:1 personalization in all conversations, whilst ensuring GDPR-compliance through Cognigy.AI’s privacy management tools.


Live Agent Chat

Elevate customer experience and increase team productivity with AI-powered Agent Assist

Cognigy Live Agent is fully integrated with Cognigy.AI and enables service teams to communicate in real-time and asynchronously with customers and employees.

At any time in a conversation, customer can be transitioned to a human agent via handover. Contact center agents are continuously supported through AI to solve the customer’s issue fast and successfully.


Cognigy.AI Extensions for lightning-fast integrations into your digital ecosystem

Our powerful integration framework enables easy and secure connection to any third-party system, either out-of-the-box or custom-tailored.

Conversational experiences are enriched by the data they access, regardless of whether data lives in CRMs, ERPs, RPA or other systems. Read and write data to and from any third-party source through Cognigy.AI’s integration capabilities. You have an application that's not in our library yet? Just build your own Extension based on our comprehensive API.

Mobile Integration Framework

Plug & Play Extensions

The intuitive-to-use plug & play UI enables business users to work with third-party integrations just like with any of Cognigy.AI's native capabilities.

Extensions hook directly into the Flow Editor and can be written by anyone and deployed securely. An extensive library of pre-built Extensions enables the integration of Virtual Agents to many business applications in a matter of minutes without the effort of coding. 


Solution Accelerators

Faster time to market with pre-built starter kits

Cognigy's Solution Accelerators help enterprises create powerful virtual agents fast and easy by leveraging carefully curated and field-tested collections of pre-built resources for specific industries, domains and use cases. 

Among the Accelerators are packages for Insurance, Banking, Customer Service, ITSM, HR and many others.


Customization without constraints

Cognigy.AI gives developers all the flexibility they need. Be part of the Cognigy community and browse through thousands of free-to-use plugins and code samples to kickstart your Conversational AI projects.


Integrated Developer Toolkit

Integration framework with IDE support and command-line interface for integrated CI/CD processes.

Custom Event Hooks (Transformer Functions)

Transform channel and NLU inputs and outputs on the fly – create developer friendly platform extensions, translations and transformations.


Open API

Access every feature of Cognigy.AI through a well-documented, fully-secured RESTful API with 100% feature coverage.


Environment Configuration

Control the behaviour of Cognigy.AI by customizing environment settings centrally.

Efficient deployment with Snapshots

Cognigy.AI's Snapshot capability enables secure deployment of bots between DEV, QA & Production Environments. Snapshots enable packaging & migration of Virtual Agents and relating resources including Extensions & NLU models.

Use Snapshots in combination with the CLI to fully automate processes like roll-out, external backup, or bot configuration. Build CI/CD pipelines and manage conversational experiences on a global scale.


Fully-featured Developer CLI

Developers should be able to work with Virtual Agents on their own terms, in their own environment.

Cognigy.AI's CLI allows to manage Virtual Agents directly within any IDE (e.g. VS Code, Eclipse etc.) It enables integration in complex CI/CD pipelines and source control.



Experience Cognigy.AI for free

Design conversational text or voice bots and see how easy it is to get started, even without any tech knowledge