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Cognigy for Amazon Alexa

Our customers use COGNIGY.AI to create powerful Alexa skills within minutes.

  • Default Amazon Alexa Skill Engine
  • Build Amazon Alexa skills without coding
  • Easy deployment, no coding required
  • Cognigy technology can be deployed on AWS for instant connectivity
  • Provides bidirectional communication with Amazon Echo/Echo Dot
  • Once deployed, manage a skill’s behavior from within the COGNIGY.AI Interface
  • Detailed analytics about user interactions with Alexa for improvement and use in other marketing channels

COGNIGY.AI provides all the required tools to connect your user’s Amazon Echo with your company's service and data sources.

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Cognigy for Chatbots

COGNIGY.AI allows to build powerful and smart chatbots for any application.

Nowadays users seek for instant support and guidance when interacting with our customers' websites or social media channels.

  • Users want to have a meaningful conversation, that provides them with brand-aware and product-specific information
  • Product data must be available within user conversations
  • Burden on traditional support channels can be lowered when providing structured conversations and support through chatbots

COGNIGY.AI provides the smarts behind our customers' chatbot interfaces on multiple channels:

  • Websites
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp/Wechat/Line
  • Slack
  • and many more

Cognigy provides a unique enterprise software product, that allows the building of interactive chatbots and messenger applications. The COGNIGY.AI interface creates a common place where you can manage cross channel user interactions.

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Cognigy for Mobile Apps

COGNIGY.AI enable powerful speech enabled mobile apps on all platforms.

Our customers use the integrated Apple Siri or Android speech-to-text functionality and combine it with the powerful COGNIGY.AI technology for reasoning, intent detection and smart answer generation.

Outputs of COGNIGY.AI can be used not just for audio output, but also to control the application logic itself.

Native Integration

  • Integration of STT/TTS capabilities through native app programming languages such as Swift, Java and others
  • On iOS extends Apple SiriKit for iOS app integration abilities
  • Allows App developers to build powerful natural language interaction abilities

Cordova Plugin Integration

  • Target multiple platforms with one code base – Cordova
  • Free and Open Source
  • Makes use of COGNIGY.AI 's open source client software - no modifications needed

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Cognigy for Websites

COGNIGY.AI allows building natural language powered interactive websites.

The COGNIGY.AI technology allows to create:

  • Interactive website navigation
  • Conversations based on data about our customers brand and products
  • Smart product selectors
  • Interactive product manuals
  • Natural language conversations with your content
  • Interactive product demos

A personalized web experience makes users feel comfortable and lets them spend more time on-site when participating in a meaningful conversation.

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Cognigy for VR & Gaming

COGNIGY.AI allows our customers to build natural language conversation interfaces into their games.

Imagine your players being able to address your NPCs directly by speaking to them in natural language, rather than having to choose from a limited number of options.

With our Unity plugin our customers can easily make these capabilities available in their games.

  • Build powerful and smart conversations using our graphical conversation editor
  • Stop breaking immersion in VR through textual interfaces
  • Provide context sensitive dialogues
  • Access user knowledge and make a character remember what the user said
  • Access data sources and in-game context to influence the conversation and to make it meaningful
  • Let the system understand if the user asks a question or gives a command

COGNIGY.AI provides a novel ability to design natural conversations for virtual reality, powerful games and even website integrated online-games.

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Cognigy for Internet of Things (IoT)

Use COGNIGY.AI to build smart and interactive devices.

New devices aim to provide best in class user experience during setup and usage. With the capability to use natural language conversations, new usage abilities of your connected devices are now possible.

Cognigy provides the ability to define how devices interact and converse with users.

Internet of Things

  • Lack of intermediate solution that combines different systems in an diverse IoT environment
  • Connect your Smart Home, your Entertainment System, your connected car, your rain and drainage system and interact with all of them via naturally spoken dialogue

Smart Home

  • Integrate natural language conversations with your SmartHome eco-System
  • Deploy via different interfaces (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, your App, your Website or even embedded into your Smart Home Gateway )
  • COGNIGY.AI allows natural language conversations across many interfaces


  • Build interactive characters, games or toys
  • Converse with the user in a natural dialogue
  • The device will to have its own language or characteristic speech
  • Cognigy provides the technology to let connected devices speak with their users

Industry 4.0

  • Users can converse with machinery or production data in real time
  • Employees can seek help via smart natural language FAQs
  • Employee and customer support can be powered by natural language interfaces
  • Direct access  to machinery data, repair and installation instructions from within conversations

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Cognigy for Google Home

Use COGNIGY.AI to create Google Home applications.

Our graphical conversation editor allows you to develop powerful Google Home applications without coding.

  • Uses standard Google Home Actions engine
  • Easy deployment, no coding required
  • Cognigy Technology can be deployed on Google Cloud Platform for instant connectivity
  • Provides bidirectional communication with Google Home
  • Once deployed, manage your skill’s behavior from within the COGNIGY.AI interface

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Cognigy for IVR & Phone Systems

COGNIGY.AI for smart conversations with Interactive Voice Response Systems.

Our customers deliver more natural phone response systems via COGNIGY.AI 's superior natural language conversation technology.

Customers value natural conversation abilities rather than having to go through menus choosing a series of numbers.

Cognigy provides natural language conversation technology that lets users ask meaningful questions whereas your data can be presented as a solution to their needs. Might this be product or service related questions or might this be to fully automate user requests as part of service call. The system automatically detects when users are stuck and can alert customer service employees.

  • Build conversational FAQs
  • Product selection guides
  • Evaluation of customer service applications
  • Tire 1 customer support
  • Phone reservation systems
  • IVR schedule application

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