What Customer Experience are you Delivering?

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Kristina Dodier
Authors name: Kristina Dodier July 8, 2022

Our fast-paced, tech-centered world has fostered the expectation of instant gratification.

When we have questions, concerns, and issues, we do not expect or want to wait for hours on hold. We do not want to be bounced around to different customer service agents, re-explaining our story over and over. No, we want fast and friction-free services. When we do not get a timely satisfying resolution, we move on to another supplier or service.  

Suppose this sounds familiar; your call center teams are overwhelmed and struggle to deliver service excellence. In that case, you are at risk of losing valued customers. Furthermore, your trusted agents may also burn out, constantly feel under pressure or get bored doing the same old same old, day in and day out!  

There is no doubt that customers prefer frictionless, rapid solutions, so if that means speaking to a bot, customers will gladly take this avenue but only if it ensures a smoother experience.

The good news is that a growing mountain of data now supports the idea that consumers prefer chatbots for specific interactions. For example, one study points out that 69% of respondents prefer chatbots for receiving instantaneous responses. Similarly, 69% said they are most likely to use chatbots for service-related inquiries (The Future of Chatbots in Insurance (cognizant.com)).

However, the only way to deliver meaningful and effective self-service is with a new generation of voice and chatbots powered by conversational AI! This is because an AI bot uses natural language and combined with continuous machine learning, it continually improves its abilities.

Simply put, an AI bot will update its knowledge with every customer interaction. Consequently, the more it chats with customers, the better it is at answering their questions and identifying intent.  

Utilizing AI technology and conversation design are fundamental in crafting natural language specific to your customer's needs and expectations. 

For example, customers often forget passwords; conversational AI can recognize various ways a customer would express this. Some customers say, "forgotten password," while others ask about login information or use language like "I need help getting into my account" and everything in between.

In harnessing conversation design and AI, enterprises can list these common inquiries, allowing the digital agent to recognize many phrases connected to a password issue.  

Although a common request, password reset is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to repetitive customer inquiries. There are many use cases, some of which will be specific to your business and industry.

In contrast, others will be just as common as a request for password or account-based information. However, all can be automated to the customers' complete satisfaction while alleviating the need for agents to handle mundane and repetitive tasks.  

The question remains, do you know how your customer service experience is impacting your business?

Or, if your organization has only just begun its AI journey, has it fully understood what conversational AI could do to improve the customer experience and, notably, how it can support agents in real-time.

We are not alone in believing that AI is the key to positive customer experiences. According to Bernard Marr, an internationally best-selling author, "No organization can afford to sit back and ignore the potential of AI (How To Identify The Best AI Opportunities For Your Business – In 2 Simple Steps (forbes.com))"  

So, where are you, and how does your customer experience compare?

Cognigy's Maturity Quiz will help you understand the experience you are delivering today and the potential to deliver a fully integrated self-service AI-powered environment. In addition, taking the quiz will help you analyze the solutions you may already have. Wherever you are, it will illustrate the impact of your current customer service and help you decide where improvements can be made.  

Finally, the quiz takes less than 5 minutes to complete. In this short time, it interprets strategy and leadership issues, critical drivers for advancement, the channels you use to interact with your customers, consistency of your service, existing automation, and agent and customer experiences.  Take the quiz!