Deloitte, a leading consulting company known for its strategic expertise, relies on Cognigy.AI as its preferred Conversational AI Platform to power up large-scale contact center projects.

The modern business landscape is constantly evolving, and with that comes an increased demand for top-notch customer service. As companies struggle to keep up with this demand, many are turning to digital transformation solutions like Conversational AI to improve customer satisfaction and streamline their operations.

Cognigy.AI is a mature and widely used solution that has been successful for leading enterprises worldwide. For example, one airline uses the solution to automate more than 10 million service inquiries per year, while a leading insurer handles over 30 million incoming calls per year and provides service in multiple languages with Cognigy.AI.

Seize the Day: The Moment of Opportunity is Here

Through their partnership, Deloitte and Cognigy aim to lead the charge in digital transformation for customer service and make AI-powered automation a top priority for enterprise decision-makers.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact of Conversational AI in the contact center and what makes Deloitte and Cognigy a perfect team for successful digital transformation.


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