Sebastian Glock
Authors name: Sebastian Glock April 25, 2022

Great voice and chatbots come with a unique conversation design to provide the best possible service experience - but building virtual agents from scratch can consume a lot of time and resources. 

Cognigy's Solution Accelerators help enterprises create powerful virtual agents fast and easy by leveraging carefully curated and field-tested collections of pre-built resources for specific industries, domains and use cases. Among the Accelerators are packages for Insurance, Banking, Customer Service, ITSM, HR and many others.

Watch the video to see Cognigy's Solution Accelerators in actions:


Cognigy's Solution Accelerators contain:

#1 Pre-built Conversation Flows
Pre-made orchestration flows route messages through the process according to recognized Intents. Based on this best-practice setup, flow designers can build their own conversational processes with minimum adjustment effort.

#2 Turnkey Intent Recognition
More than 500 most-expressed user intents, organized in well-balanced intent hierarchies, can be accurately recognized out-of-the-box. This is based on Cognigy's industry-leading NLU, enhanced with thousands of human-crafted example sentences.

#3 Comprehensive Lexicons
Lexicons with a total of ~20k entities ensure that Virtual Agents can securely identify terms ("bicycle") and synonyms ("bike") and attribute them to the correct slot ("vehicle").

For more information and the full list of Solution Accelerators, visit the Cognigy.AI Help Center.