Jarrod Davis
Media contact: Jarrod Davis December 1, 2022

Amazon Connect is a Contact Center as a Service solution that grew out of Amazon's internal needs. It offers a powerful framework for developers to quickly build a custom CCaaS platform designed to handle large-scale enterprise needs such as Amazon's. It takes advantage of the enormous AWS ecosystem and includes natural language understanding like Lex, text-to-speech like Polly as well as storage, analytics, and messaging solutions among others. 

With a suite of powerful solutions from one of the largest companies worldwide, Amazon Connect has huge potential. Yet, at the same time, it's the software equivalent of walking into a big box DIY store chock full of professional tools when you need a table versus going to a furniture store. Most CCaaS solutions require some configuration and setup but are otherwise fully built and ready to go. Amazon Connect requires extensive development work to build a tailor-made solution. 

Luckily, for those who want to custom build their own contact center infrastructure yet maintain the flexibility for business users to do operational work without IT, Cognigy.AI's low-code interface, open choice of components, and powerful integrations enable business users to rapidly build and deploy conversational IVR, virtual agents and agent assistance in voice and digital channels. 

Cognigy is an official Amazon partner and one of the first certified by AWS in Conversational AI competency

Cognigy.AI’s integration with Amazon Connect can utilize Amazon's built-in features such as Amazon Lex. No additional configuration or integration is required, making it extremely flexible. The low-code flow builder and built-in integrations enable a faster time to market.



Better Together: See Cognigy & Amazon in Action

For an in-depth look into how Cognigy can maximize the value of your Amazon Connect contact center, watch the video below. 



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