Customer Interview: How ARAG leverages Conversational AI

For several years ARAG has worked with Cognigy.AI to drive service excellence and process automation. Dr. Ina Baumann, SVP IT-Steering at ARAG and res...

Jan 7, 2021
6 min

10 Best Practices for Contact Center Automation

The modern-day consumer expects an exceptional experience throughout a purchase journey, right from engaging with a product to pre or post-sales suppo...

Dec 17, 2020
28 min

10 Ways to Improve First Call Resolution With Conversational AI

Customer experience (CX) has emerged as the single most crucial aspect of a buyer’s journey in 2020. By that measure, a call center has the potential ...

Dec 10, 2020
29 min

Transforming Customer Service – What to Look for in a Conversational AI Tool

This article was originally published on The Magazine for Customer Service Managers and Professionals.

Nov 16, 2020
6 min

How are Chief Claims Officers shifting their strategies?

Not every industry can say its time is now, but for insurers the global COVID-19 pandemic has seen the industry really step up to the plate. The crisi...

Oct 21, 2020
5 min

Why the Time for RPA-enabled Chatbots is Now

Kofax and Cognigy have collaborated to build a Kofax-Cognigy Connector and a Getting Started Guide. For too long, two powerful automation technologies...

Oct 6, 2020
9 min

Cognigy Launches Its Most Advanced Conversational AI Platform

Voice- and chatbot experiences offer next-generation level of accuracy, control and usability; accelerates Contact Center Automation plans

Sep 1, 2020
6 min

Developing a Conversational AI Road Map

Our colleague, Jessica Gopalakrishnan, has recently published an article on Forbes on the importance of developing a Conversational AI road map to dri...

Aug 28, 2020
3 min

Podcast: Cognigy CEO Talks Conversational AI, Automation and More (Part 2)

Cognigy CEO and Co-Founder Philipp Heltewig was recently a guest on Mobile Interactions Now, a podcast hosted by Jean Shin, Director of Strategy & Con...

Jun 24, 2020
63 min

Podcast: Cognigy CEO Talks Conversational AI, Automation and More

Cognigy CEO and Co-Founder Philipp Heltewig was recently a guest on Mobile Interactions Now, a podcast hosted by Jean Shin, Director of Strategy & Con...

Jun 9, 2020
66 min

How Successful are Contact Centers with AI and Chatbots?

Top-rated brands provide an outstanding customer experience. They make customer interactions convenient, painless, and quick. With messaging – through...

Apr 26, 2020
7 min

The First Step in Designing Your Conversational AI Roadmap

There are many different approaches to designing a roadmap for your technology investment. Do you want to tackle your worst legacy pain points first? ...

Apr 22, 2020
10 min

Make your conversational AI detect emotions using sentiment analysis

Curious about whether your customer is satisfied with your virtual assistant or not? Sentiment analysis is the branch of machine learning that tries t...

Apr 21, 2020
15 min

Advanced Conversational AI with Amazon Connect and Cognigy

Amazon Connect is a cloud contact centre that can be up and running in minutes, on both telephone and chat channels. It has a pay-as-you-go pricing mo...

Apr 20, 2020
72 min

Multi-language Virtual Agents with Language Detection

We live in an incredible world of multilingualism. More and more people are starting to travel and learn new languages or live in foreign countries. A...

Apr 17, 2020
12 min

Build your TensorFlow Custom Module

Creating a good conversational AI might make you realize how complex the idea of a successful conversation is. You will probably have to deal with pro...

Apr 15, 2020
24 min

Cognigy.AI 3.6 Released

Düsseldorf (GER), March 30, 2020 +++ Today we are announcing the release of Cognigy.AI 3.6 - the newest version of our industry-leading Conversational...

Apr 8, 2020
8 min

Cognigy.AI 3.5 Released

Last week, we announced the release of Cognigy.AI 3.5 - the newest version of our industry-leading Conversational Automation Platform.

Feb 11, 2020
12 min

Smart banks - The new way of banking

The core value proposition behind conversational AI is increased efficiency for businesses and more immediacy and relevance for end-users.

Feb 3, 2020
12 min

Lui - The All-In-One Chatbot

It' s the fourth Thursday in November. All Americans know exactly what's coming. The holiday season surrounding Thanksgiving is about to begin. And ev...

Jan 22, 2020
14 min

COGNIGY.AI 3.5 - what to expect when automating all customer interactions with virtual agents

Düsseldorf (GER), January 21, 2020 +++ Soon, Cognigy will be releasing Cognigy.AI 3.5. CEO  Philipp Heltewig will be holding an in-person webinar on t...

Jan 21, 2020
4 min

Bridging the gap between intelligent automation and Conversational AI

San Francicso (USA)/ Düsseldorf (GER), January 16th, 2020 +++ Together Cognigy, a Kofax Technology Alliance Partner, and Kofax developed an educationa...

Jan 16, 2020
6 min

Cognigy expands its market presence in South Korea

Düsseldorf (GER)/ Seoul (South Korea), December 12, 2019 +++ Cognigy, the leading enterprise software vendor for self-service conversational artificia...

Dec 12, 2019
7 min

Cognigy extends its APAC presence

Sydney (AUS)/ Düsseldorf (GER), December 03, 2019 +++ Cognigy, the market leader in Conversational AI, today proudly announces a strategic addition to...

Dec 3, 2019
7 min

Cognigy Secures Series A Funding to Lead the US Market in Conversational AI

San Francicso (USA)/ Düsseldorf (GER), November 25, 2019 +++ Cognigy, the leading enterprise software vendor for self-service conversational artificia...

Nov 25, 2019
8 min

Virtual Agents - The New Trusted Advisor in Insurance Sales

Key takeaway: Use Conversational AI to bond with your customers and offer them unprecedented personalized service across all modern channels.

Nov 15, 2019
26 min

Cognigy expands its presence in Asia by partnering with voice technology expert easyDialog

Düsseldorf, Germany/ Tokyo, Japan, 2019-11-14 - Cognigy, a global leader in Conversational AI, announced a strategic partnership with easyDialog, a co...

Nov 14, 2019
7 min

Cognigy expands its European business by partnering with Ainia in Finland

Düsseldorf, Germany/ Espoo, Finland, 30.10.2019 – Cognigy, a global leader in Conversational AI, announced a strategic partnership with Ainia, a leadi...

Oct 30, 2019
8 min

Meet even the toughest design guidelines with Cognigy’s webchat

If you have ever started a self-service bot project, you might have hit this roadblock: Your bot is great and now you “just” want to embed it into you...

Oct 18, 2019
12 min

What's your business case for Conversational AI?

You know you should get started bringing Conversational AI to your business, but you haven’t found the right timing or relevant projects for this new ...

Sep 23, 2019
9 min

Cognigy.AI 3.4 Released

This week, we announced the release of Cognigy.AI 3.4 - the newest release of our industry-leading Conversational Automation Platform.

Sep 19, 2019
18 min

Standardizing on A Conversational AI Platform

There are two things you need to know about automation in the enterprise:

Mar 6, 2019
7 min


Chatty Things by Sascha Wolter – entertaining, informative and more than just a series!

Feb 27, 2019
6 min

Cognigy @ MWC Barcelona 2019!

#MWC19 Barcelona - We participate, exhibit and can’t wait to be part!    We’re excited to announce that Cognigy will be exhibiting at this year’s Mobi...

Feb 23, 2019
9 min

From FAQs to Process Automation

Enterprises typically address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in their first Conversational AI project. FAQs prove to be the perfect launch pad for ...

Nov 22, 2018
9 min

How to Use Alexa Presentation Language with Cognigy out of the box

Amazon recently introduced APL (Alexa Presentation Language). APL enables developers to build interactive and multimodal Skills that support screens. ...

Nov 14, 2018
9 min

Conversational AI in Marketing

Marketers face the same challenges across all sectors: How to create the best customer experience along all parts of the customer journey and that acr...

Aug 29, 2018
12 min

Whatsapp launches Business API

WhatsApp announced the launch of its Business API, which allows enterprises to connect with their customers over WhatsApp, similar to how enterprises ...

Aug 9, 2018
3 min

Cognigy speaks with Alexa in all languages

Language is the most natural form of interaction that is innately available to us, and so the success of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa is not sur...

Aug 7, 2018
7 min


After releasing the free user training some days ago, Cognigy today released a free editor training course on Udemy. The course is targeted at editors...

Jul 24, 2018
2 min


Today Cognigy released a free user training course on Udemy. The course is targeted at end-users that will use the Cognigy.AI Conversational AI Platfo...

Jul 22, 2018
2 min

Chatbots in Customer Service

SEVERAL LEVELS OF SOPHISTICATION ALLOW FOR LOW-FRICTION EARLY ADOPTION Chatbots have seen tremendous interest over the past years, with several applic...

Jul 19, 2018
6 min

How chatbots drive innovation and efficiency in support departments

Chatbots are omnipresent nowadays thanks to their ability to mimic natural human conversations and provide instant, digital services. As we wrote in a...

Jul 9, 2018
6 min

Conversational Search, going beyond the query

Search tools have matured rapidly over the past few years. Enterprise search providers, like Coveo, are using artificial intelligence and machine lear...

May 17, 2018
8 min

Conversational Micro-Moments.

There are two complementary trends in conversational interaction that are taking hold in Marketing and Customer Service organizations. First, consumer...

May 14, 2018
9 min

3x Conversational AI - 3x Inspiration

Conversational Artifical Intelligence stands for a natural and intuitive dialog between you as a human and a computer program either via text or spoke...

May 2, 2018
10 min

Getting started with chatbots

Chatbots are among the cutting-edge topics that various companies currently are discussing to implement. They can help your business stepping forward ...

Apr 30, 2018
8 min

Chatbots – a smarter search box?

Chatbots are omni-present these days, conversing with their human users on Facebook Messenger, mobile messengers such as WeChat, websites, apps and ev...

Apr 18, 2018
5 min

Chatbots & RPA – perfect co-workers

Chatbots are tasked with communicating with humans through a messaging interface, such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack or chats embedded on websi...

Apr 17, 2018
5 min

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