Sascha Poggemann
Media contact: Sascha Poggemann June 15, 2021

Secure, unprejudiced, and GDPR-compliant voice and chatbots: Cognigy.AI is one of the first AIs to be successfully AIC4-tested for security and reliability.  

Cognigy, a leading global provider of customer service automation, was successfully tested for non-prejudice and transparency, security and resilience, reliability, and data quality. Together with its technology partner Deutsche Telekom, Cognigy is one of the first AI providers successfully tested on AIC4. The AIC4 criteria catalog (Artificial Intelligence Cloud Services Compliance Criteria Catalog) of the German Federal Office for Information Security is the world's only recognized, relevant security standard for AI-based applications. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) carried out the AIC4 check from Cognigy.AI, the leading AI for smart voice and chatbots, in accordance with the strict AIC4 requirements. Cognigy.AI is an essential part of Telekom's Conversational AI Suite, which has also been successfully AIC4-certified.


AI in customer service – only AIC4-checked is safe and trustworthy

The service for customers, employees and other target groups can be automated excellently with Conversational AI. Smart voice and chatbots of the new generation handle issues independently, 24/7, in any language and conveniently by phone or other channels. But how can data protection be ensured in complex AI applications? How can it be guaranteed that the AI ​​does not develop undesirably, that it is free from manipulation and that it runs 100 percent safely and with high performance? The comprehensive “AIC4 catalog for trustworthy AI” gives companies security for all of these questions for the first time.

“Cognigy.AI is used at BioNTech, Bosch, Daimler, Lufthansa and many more - security, trust and data protection according to strict German and EU rules have always played a major role. We are proud to offer our customers Cognigy.AI, one of the first AIC4-tested AIs worldwide. Coupled with the competence of our strong partners such as Telekom in the field of service, operation and project management, companies receive an optimal, future-proof overall solution for any application worldwide,” explains Sascha Poggemann, COO and co-founder of Cognigy.

"As one of the leading ICT companies in Europe, we at Deutsche Telekom AG take on the responsibility of promoting the development of "intelligent technologies", such as artificial intelligence. The basic requirement for establishing new technologies is trust! From our point of view, trustworthy AI must adhere to the applicable laws, be ethical and robust against attacks from outside. With the AIC4 check, Telekom and Cognigy classify themselves as tested and reliable partners in the field of AI-based solutions in customer contact management," says Sebastian Scheidt, Compliance Officer at Telekom Deutschland GmbH.


Free whitepaper: The Cognigy whitepaper "Trusted Use of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service Automation" provides decision-makers with an in-depth guide based on insights from the AIC4-audited Cognigy.AI Customer Service Automation Platform. It enables a comprehensive understanding of Trustworthy AI and addresses the requirements that AI services must meet according to the AIC4 criteria catalogue. Thanks to the additional involvement of Deutsche Telekom as well as PwC, readers also gain valuable insights into auditing practice. Download the paper >>