publication dateMay 31, 2021
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Berlin Brands Group Relies on Cognigy: Smart Bots for 34 Global E-Commerce Brands

written by: Sascha Poggemann
As the co-founder and COO at Cognigy, Sascha focuses on bringing practical applications for digital and interactive customer service to growing and established companies. He is an experienced speaker on the topics of new technology, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship.

Global e-commerce company chooses Cognigy.AI to answer inquiries from customers 24/7 via voice- and chatbots, relieving contact centers and boosting sales with conversational commerce

DÜSSELDORF, Germany & SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cognigy, a leading global provider of customer service automation, has won Berlin Brands Group (BBG), an international e-commerce company, as a new customer. With its scaling platform, BBG provides its own 14 brands and 20 recently acquired brands access to over 100 channels in 28 markets worldwide. Fast growth is critical to success. The scaling of customer service across all markets, languages, and channels is correspondingly important for BBG. BBG will also use smart bots in addition to personal contact in conversational commerce.

During the evaluation process, BBG analyzed various conversational AI solutions and opted for Cognigy.AI: a platform to securely use intelligent voice and chatbots throughout the organization, for all brands, in all channels, and for all types of dialogue. The automated answering of standard inquiries is relieving contact centers, leaving more time for individual questions and complex cases. The result: better service.

“At BBG, we are strong at making brands big. To do this, we give our brands the necessary access to countries and channels as well as a strong operational infrastructure. And this also includes supplementary automated customer service and conversational commerce with intelligent voice and chatbots. Cognigy.AI thrilled us as a conversational AI platform that automates customer dialogs by phone, text, mobile, etc. We consciously chose Cognigy.AI as a mature platform with enterprise capabilities such as security, scalability, ease-of-use, 100+ supported languages, GDPR compliance, etc.,” Catarina Steinert, director of customer service at BBG explains. “With the intuitive editor, our experts, as well as our partners, can quickly and intuitively create and adapt automated dialogs. The voice and chatbots become part of end-to-end business processes through integration with our existing systems. Customers can use the bots to resolve many issues independently. This gives our contact centers more time for individual topics.”

“With Berlin Brands Group, we are supporting another strong, rapidly expanding player in automating a part of its customer service and sales. We are excited that Cognigy.AI will become a component of BBG's successful business model. With our low-code platform, BBG can implement smart voice and chatbots very efficiently and then expand them to other brands, languages, channels, or areas and improve customer service. The bots can be scaled up as required, whether 1,000 or 100,000 dialogues per hour, in two or 20 languages, it makes no difference for our platform,” says Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-founder of Cognigy.

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