CEO of Cognigy discusses how chatbots could be used to help everyone

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Media contact: Cognigy October 21, 2021

On September 22nd, we had the pleasure of attending the AI summit in London, where alongside other industry experts, Cognigy CEO and co-founder Philipp Heltewig gave an insightful presentation on how to maximize the impact of AI-powered service automation. It was great to be back to attending offline events and being able to meet so many of you in person.

During the event, Philipp sat down with Max Smolaks, Editor at AI Business. The two discussed topics such as the revolution of conversational AI, the kind of innovation currently happening at Cognigy, and how Cognigy is keeping up with the latest development in Conversational AI. Philipp also described how conversational AI chatbots go beyond helping only those who interact with the system:

"Of course, if you have 100 people in the waiting line and you help 50 of those automatically, what does it do to the other 50? The other 50 only have to wait half the time before they actually speak to a human that can then help them with the issue, right? So, you're not just helping the person that the bot is actually talking to, but you are helping everyone."

To hear more interesting topics and gain some insight into Cognigy, whose platform Cognigy.AI was recently named a 2021 LEADER for Conversational AI Platforms in IDC MarketScape, check out the full video interview below: