Fuzzy Search for better results

Humans tend to be imprecise in what they say and write: Incomplete utterances, ambiguities and typos are just a few challenges for Conversational AIs....

Jul 2, 2019
8 min

Accelerate Conversational Experiences by adding Locations and Places via HERE

Conversational AI dialogs can serve as a user interface for location-specific search requests -- ideally to get a straight-through answer to a user's ...

Jun 26, 2019
6 min

How to Use Alexa Presentation Language with Cognigy out of the box

Amazon recently introduced APL (Alexa Presentation Language). APL enables developers to build interactive and multimodal Skills that support screens. ...

Nov 14, 2018
9 min

The most individual user experience on Sitecore, powered by Conversational AI

How Sitecore and Cognigy.AI Can Make Conversational AI And Virtual Assistants Work For You How to move from personalization to individualization in yo...

Oct 8, 2018
9 min

Wirecard and Cognigy facilitate smooth payments in conversational commerce

Wirecard, the global leader in innovation for digital financial technology and Cognigy, the leading provider of conversational AI software solutions, ...

Sep 14, 2018
5 min

Cognigy speaks with Alexa in all languages

Language is the most natural form of interaction that is innately available to us, and so the success of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa is not sur...

Aug 7, 2018
7 min

Cognigy Named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in AI for Conversational Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO / DÜSSELDORF – June 31, 2018 - Cognigy, a leader in Conversational AI software solutions, announces that it has been named a Cool Vendo...

Jul 31, 2018
6 min

Cognigy and Acando announce partnership for better customer experience

Cognigy and Acando, a management and IT consultancy, are delighted to announce their future cooperation providing new solutions to enterprise customer...

Jul 24, 2018
4 min

Conversational Memory, and why it matters.

We need to bring our best thinking in marketing and relationship building to create conversational AIs that successfully create rapport with consumers...

Jun 14, 2018
12 min

Cognigy wins WeDoDigital Award 2018

Düsseldorf, June 12, 2018 - Cognigy, the leading provider of Conversational AI software solutions, has won the WeDoDigital Award 2018. WeDoDigital hig...

Jun 11, 2018
4 min

Horizontal Integration and Cognigy Partner to Offer Conversational AI-Based Solutions

Teaming up to help enterprises engage in more flexible, dynamic and human conversations with their customers, digital marketing and technology provide...

May 30, 2018
7 min

COGNIGY.AI 3.0 redefines Conversational AI Management

San Francisco / Düsseldorf – June 1st, 2018 - Cognigy, the leader in Conversational AI software solutions, announced today the release of their easy-t...

May 29, 2018
8 min

Conversational Search, going beyond the query

Search tools have matured rapidly over the past few years. Enterprise search providers, like Coveo, are using artificial intelligence and machine lear...

May 17, 2018
8 min

Conversational Micro-Moments.

There are two complementary trends in conversational interaction that are taking hold in Marketing and Customer Service organizations. First, consumer...

May 14, 2018
9 min

Conversational AI and user experience pioneer, Sascha Wolter, joins Cognigy

San Francisco/Düsseldorf – 17 April 2018 – Cognigy GmbH, manufacturer of the Conversational AI platform COGNIGY.AI, today announced that Sascha Wolter...

Apr 17, 2018
5 min

Velowerks and Cognigy announce strategic partnership

San Francisco, CA – 27 March 2018 – VeloWerks Digital, a digital effectiveness agency, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Cognigy...

Mar 27, 2018
6 min

Cognigy cited in Gartner report on Conversational UX

San Francisco/Düsseldorf, 20.03.2018  – Cognigy was cited in the 27 February 2018 Gartner research note titled, “Digital Disruption Profile: Conversat...

Mar 20, 2018
4 min

COGNIGY expands rapidly in North America

San Francisco, CA – 16 March 2018 – Cognigy, the leader in conversational artificial intelligence platforms that allows you to build advanced conversa...

Mar 16, 2018
6 min

Cognigy.AI 2.7 released

COGNIGY.AI 2.7 has been released with more amazing features to help you create amazing conversational AIs. See below for our top 4…

Feb 25, 2018
6 min

Cognigy.AI enables fully-disconnected, embedded conversational AI

The German conversational artificial intelligence company announced a new version of its award-winning software COGNIGY.AI which is available for embe...

Feb 16, 2018
3 min

Cognigy.AI 2.5 introduces dedicated Alexa and Facebook Tools

Chatbots and Alexa Skills, as well as most other Voice AIs are tools for marketers to create novel customer experiences. Because of that, Cognigy has ...

Dec 9, 2017
2 min

German business magazine 'Wirtschaftswoche': new investors for launching internationally

In a current press release the German business magazine 'Wirtschaftswoche" is introducing Cognigy and new investors. With the help of the investors Di...

Nov 24, 2017
1 min

Cognigy closes major financing round and is launching internationally

This young software company from Dusseldorf, Germany has closed pre-Series A seven figure financing; will open a branch office in Silicon Valley; has ...

Nov 22, 2017
7 min

Cognigy appoints veteran sales leader Marc Schneider as Head of Business Development

Today Cognigy GmbH, makers of the Conversational AI platform COGNIGY.AI, announces the appointment of Marc Schneider as Head of Business Development.

Oct 5, 2017
2 min

Godmorgen! Cognigy now speaks Danish!

From today on, companies that operate in the Danish speaking markets can easily create advanced conversational AI experiences using COGNIGY.AI.

Sep 18, 2017
2 min

Meet us @ DMEXCO 2017

We are happy to announce that Cognigy will exhibit at dmexco in Cologne on September 13th & 14th, 2017.

Sep 12, 2017
1 min

COGNIGY.AI 2.2.0 is here!

With the newest release of COGNIGY.AI, we have introduced many exciting new capabilities. Here are our top new features:

Sep 12, 2017
3 min

Cognigy.AI makes Softbank's Pepper smarter

Cognigy’s co-founder Philipp Heltewig demonstrates Pepper’s enhanced capabilities in Hyatt hotel in Düsseldorf.

Jul 20, 2017
3 min


Dusseldorf, 18. July 2017.  The German start-up Cognigy today announced the international launch of their enterprise AI software COGNIGY.AI. This soft...

Jul 18, 2017
6 min

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