Interview with Bucher + Suter: Best Conversational Analytics

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Media contact: Cognigy December 17, 2021

Conversational analytics will be a hot topic in 2022 - and with Cognigy Insights we offer the right solution: a unique, fully integrated analytics suite for intelligent, data-supported customer service. But what´s actually behind it? In an interview with our close partner Bucher + Suter, our VP Partner, Marc Schneider, explains more about the functions of Cognigy Insights and the advantages of conversational analytics.

Here is an excerpt of the interview...

Bucher + Suter: Analyses are part of the daily business in any customer service organization. Every sizeable contact center has analysis tools. What is new and different about your Cognigy Insights analytics suite?

Cognigy: We’re pursuing a new approach that makes the most of all the possibilities open to us today. We all know there is a competition to come up with the smartest automation system. And conversational AI alone is not enough to win it – conversational analytics is needed too. Existing analysis methods show KPIs and aggregated data, but they don’t explore the process steps and they don’t allow immediate improvements either. They aim to keep customer queue times to a minimum, prevent multiple forwarding, and route callers directly to the right person in the contact center. But the new-generation smart bots are fundamentally transforming these processes. Today, a competent, virtual contact agent is available to customers at all times. No matter how many customers call at the same time or when they call. Bots tend to reduce the waiting time to practically zero. In the medium term, of course, this also requires a rethink of what kind of analyses are needed.

Bucher + Suter: You mean, in the future, customer service managers will no longer have to focus so much on organizing strongly fluctuating call volumes and shortening waiting times and will analyze them?

Cognigy: In the future, the main aim will be to optimize the performance of humans and bots as a team to achieve a new service experience. Bots will increasingly be there, 24/7, as the first point of contact for customers (unless the customer prefers to speak to a live agent as their first point of contact). This will set in motion a chain of individual dialog steps, in which the bot responds to recurring requests, carries out self-service actions, hands over to the contact center agents and provides them with support, if necessary, through the Agent Assist solution. We can already track all of this today. Our virtual agents evaluate millions of data points every day – completely securely and in compliance with data privacy – but so far it has hardly been possible to convert this data into actionable insights.

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