Martina Yazgan
Media contact: Martina Yazgan December 12, 2019

Düsseldorf (GER)/ Seoul (South Korea), December 12, 2019 +++ Cognigy, the leading enterprise software vendor for self-service conversational artificial intelligence (AI) automation, announces its market expansion in Korea through a strategic partnership and distributorship with Korea Scoring, a market leader in the credit scoring business and the first comprehensive RPA consulting firm in Seoul, South Korea.

For the past twenty years, Korea Scoring has been well known as a provider of credit scoring and CRM solutions for financial institutions in South Korea. Driven by client demand, Korea Scoring developed expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and became the first comprehensive RPA consulting firm in South Korea. The company has combined Conversational AI and RPA capabilities to help organizations make automation accessible through conversational channels while increasing efficiency and user engagement.

“Conversational Automation - the combination of traditional robotic process automation technologies with Conversational AI - is clearly the direction in which the industry is heading,” states Philipp Heltewig, CEO at Cognigy. “Korea Scoring is the ideal partner to serve clients by the enabling conversational automation through a unique skillset in both UI Path and Cognigy.AI, enabling fast & frictionless customer & employee service.”

Cognigy.AI is a low-code platform for developing automated conversations. Cognigy.AI integrates out of the box with leading RPA systems and includes features that complement RPA and business process automation workflows.

David Yang, Head of Digital Biz Division at Korea Scoring, points out, "Cognigy’s Conversational AI platform can be provided in all major languages, allowing us to serve global manufacturers and financial institutions. With Cognigy.AI, Korea Scoring stands out as a market leader in bringing conversational interfaces to RPA customers."

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Korea Scoring by signing an exclusive distributor agreement and growing our market presence in South Korea. For us, it’s a unique opportunity to both accelerate our business in the region and position us as a pioneer on the South Korean market,” says Philipp Heltewig.

Learn more about Korea Scoring here

About Cognigy
Cognigy is a leader in the Conversational AI marketplace. The Cognigy solution delivers an Enterprise Conversational platform enabling organizations to build complex, integrated cognitive bots on a single platform. Their solution helps companies rein in “bot sprawl” and delivers the most advanced level of Natural Language Understanding and enterprise application integration in the industry. Leading companies in the USA and EMEA have standardized on the Cognigy platform to accelerate their adoption of Conversational AI. 

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