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Media contact: Jessica Gopalakrishnan September 7, 2022
Capterra Best Value 2022 Badge

Cognigy, a Leader in Enterprise Conversational Platforms, has been awarded the prestigious "Best Value" badge from Capterra for its conversational IVR solution. This recognition highlights the outstanding capabilities and value that the Cognigy.AI Conversational IVR solution offers to businesses and their customers.

Sep 7th, 2022 | Düsseldorf, San Francisco –  Cognigy's Conversational IVR transforms the traditional interactive voice response system by eliminating the drawbacks of lengthy navigation and confusing menu-based options.

With intelligent routing, Cognigy.AI Conversational IVR understands customer needs and efficiently directs them to the most appropriate resolution path. It can identify self-service opportunities and critical inquiries that require immediate attention from live agents, prioritizing and routing calls accordingly.

One of the key strengths of Cognigy.AI's Conversational IVR is its intuitive voice interaction. It enables meaningful conversations between customers and the system, processing and understanding natural language input, authenticating users, and delivering accurate responses. This approach improves customer satisfaction and eliminates the frustration caused by traditional IVR systems.

The solution also ensures a responsive call center that operates 24/7. By leveraging Conversational IVR, businesses can offer voice self-service options, significantly reducing wait times and resolving issues during the first contact. Moreover, when complex queries arise, the AI-powered IVR captures customer requirements and intelligently routes them to the best-suited available agent, along with the context, ensuring a seamless transition and efficient problem resolution. The system also enhances agent productivity by verifying and authenticating customers before handover, allowing agents to immediately start addressing issues without time-consuming authentication procedures.

Furthermore, Cognigy.AI equips agents with essential customer context during handovers, eliminating the need for customers to repeat information. This context empowers agents to troubleshoot quickly and effectively, delivering a superior customer experience. With these capabilities, it is one of a kind.

The "Best Value" badge from Capterra recognizes Cognigy.AI's Conversational IVR as an exceptional solution that delivers enhanced customer experiences, improves agent efficiency, and adapts to the evolving needs of modern businesses. Cognigy’s dedication to providing value and innovation in the conversational IVR space makes it a worthy recipient of this esteemed recognition.

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