Transforming RPA and Extending the Customer Experience with Intelligent Chatbots

How Does Conversational AI Take Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to the Next Level?

Enterprises using automation technologies aren't maximizing the potential of their investment. Too often, automation is seen as an internally-focused technology, only accessed by trained analysts and developers. But what if an untrained user could have a conversation with your bot, directing its activity or enriching its processes? What if your customers could ask your bots questions using natural language? What if your business partners could talk with your bots about invoices or logistics?

Conversational AI expands your reach by connecting end users with automated processes. Learn how a global insurance company automated their claims submission process using a conversational interface and RPA. Hear about the results they achieved with NLU, where the user experience is driven through words and dialog rather than hierarchical menus and forms.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn how the combination of Intelligent Chatbots and RPA solve several common problems enterprises are facing today.

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Cognigy is a global leader in the Conversational AI marketplace, with a highly flexible enterprise Conversational AI Platform to build advanced, integrated conversational automation solutions through the use of cognitive bots.  Leading organizations have standardized on Cognigy.AI to accelerate their adoption of conversational interfaces (bots, assistants and skills) and integrate with existing systems of record, all with enterprise governance (security, administration and compliance).