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POWER UP to deliver self‑service that your customers love

Make it easy and convenient for customers to get the personalized support they need –instantly, anytime and on all voice and digital channels.

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Go above and beyond simple FAQ bots

Forget about frustrating chatbots that are slow to respond and not up to the mark. 

Cognigy.AI turns self-service into an effortless, omnichannel, and personal experience that fulfills your customers’ needs in a single interaction.

From re-booking, cancellation, and order status support to invoice requests, payment, and refund, Cognigy.AI lets you handle transactional queries at scale with next-generation self-service that delivers.



faster response time


CSAT improvement


Instant support on your customers’ terms

Build deeper bonds and drive loyalty

Let customers take the wheel and decide when and how they engage with your service.



Interact with customers on their channel of choice. Leverage Cognigy.AI’s prebuilt connectors to 20+ channels. Or easily set up your customized touchpoint via standard interfaces.


Immediately identify users and where they are in the customer journey. Cognigy.AI stays in sync with your CRM and pulls in relevant context to deliver personalized and consistent experiences throughout.



Provide 24/7 real-time support. Cut handling time by automating standard transactional queries. Or auto-collect customer data to prep your agents with a smooth handover.

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Protect end-to-end customer interaction with seamless authentication. The conversation stays connected while customers verify themselves on another channel - like phone or email.

Not multichannel, but omnichannel customer service

Save customers from daunting query repetition when switching between touchpoints. Auto-update your CRM with every interaction. And seamlessly resume the conversation thread on another channel – without losing the context. Customer engagement has never been easier.


Smooth transition when agent’s help takes the front seat

Cognigy's Smart Self-Service goes hand in hand with agent support. AI-infused virtual agents know exactly when and where to bring in human assistance, ensuring critical issues that require decision-making and emotional intelligence are tackled effectively. 

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Self-service with business agility in mind

Stay ahead of the competition by capturing dynamic customer and market needs - fast. Improve service quality with actionable data on customer engagement.



Get a head start

Accelerate time-to-market with out-of-the-box service flows or create fully tailored conversations without a single line of code.


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Plug into your tech stack

Connect Cognigy.AI with your ecosystem and transform your contact center in no time with powerful yet easy native integrations even business users can setup.


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Build once, deploy anywhere

Build channel-agnostic processes and flows once, and then deploy them to any channel in any language. Easily customize content for each channel and quickly scale your self-service.

Monitor and optimize

Learn from every customer conversation with holistic insights into cross-channel customer journeys.


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All the tools you need in a single package

Drag-and-drop UI

that lets you configure, manage and update workflows with ease

50+ turnkey integrations

you can setup in minutes without IT

Advanced Natural Language Understanding engine

for a human service experience throughout 

Rich-media content widgets

to create inspiring and robust customer conversations 

Real-time translation

to localize your service with 100+ supported languages  

360° dashboards

to stay on top of end-to-end customer interactions

Lufthansa Group: Millions of yearly conversations at reduced handling time

“Cognigy.AI empowers our business users and developers to build advanced, multi-lingual Virtual Agents that feature complex self-service at scale.” 

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Nick Allgaier, Product Manager "Digital Assistants", Lufthansa Group

Mobily: 99.5% faster response time across eight social channels

“Cognigy helps our contact centers focus on increasing the quality of the conversations rather than juggling the masses.”

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Mubarak Alharbi, Digital Experience General Manager, Mobily

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Engage with customers on any channel

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