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Strengthen your e-commerce business with a Conversational AI platform that enables you to scale quickly and effectively.

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of consumers want more personalization from retailers



of purchases will be made online by 2040



of customers start a purchase on one device and finish it on another


Drive Conversions

Drive conversions with faster buying decisions

The key driver to ensuring the best shopping experience using AI is by helping customers find what they need, faster. Cognigy.AI narrows, contextualizes, and improves search for online shoppers by displaying exactly what they’re looking for.

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Next-Level personalization

Next-level personalization on autopilot

Predict your customers’ purchase behavior and recommend things they are most likely to buy. With Cognigy.AI, you can increase basket size and instantly match the right product to the right buyer.

How else is Cognigy.AI helping your e-commerce business thrive?

Customer Support

Smarter customer support at lightning speed

Some customers still prefer a more human touch, especially when it comes to complex or sensitive issues. Cognigy.AI redirects your customers to the right team and passes on contextual information so your support team can confidently take over.

AI Intelligence

AI that works as hard as you do

With Cognigy.AI, you can build multilingual virtual agents that never sleep. That means you can now expand your e-commerce business to different markets and achieve high growth without all the unnecessary overhead costs. What’s more, all of these can be done in no time at all.


Communication at scale in a fast-paced market

WeChat delivers exceptionally well-integrated conversational experiences, while Apple Business Chat (ABC) and Google Rich Business Communication (RCS) deliver integrated conversations paired with native payment and checkout capabilities. With Cognigy.AI, you can communicate on all native interfaces to keep up with the ever-changing e-commerce landscape enabled by a powerful Conversational AI platform for communication at scale.

Mobile First

Welcoming a mobile-first era

Around 51% of online shoppers conduct purchases via their smartphones and it is expected that mobile commerce will take 72.9% of e-commerce market share by 2021. That’s why Cognigy.AI sits on top of all of your customer touchpoints so you never have to worry about where your customers begin their journey.

Let’s take your e-commerce business to new heights with Conversational AI

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