From Retention Handling to Multilingual Voice Services: 3 Insights from the Cognigy Enterprise Roundtable

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Natalie Atangana
Authors name: Natalie Atangana July 4, 2024
Cognigy Customer Virtual Roundtable
From Retention Handling to Multilingual Voice Services: 3 Insights from the Cognigy Enterprise Roundtable

The Cognigy Enterprise Roundtable is a quarterly online gathering for Cognigy customers to engage with industry peers, sharing use cases and gaining insights into advanced applications of Cognigy.AI. This event, held in a confidential setting, enables participants to present their achievements, discuss challenges, and explore future innovations in AI-powered customer service. By facilitating open discussions and networking opportunities, the roundtable fosters a collaborative environment where the Cognigy Community can learn from each other and enhance their own AI implementation.

These are three takeaways from the Q2 Roundtable:

1. Automating Customer Retention Processes

One of the most surprising use cases presented at the roundtable was the automation of customer retention processes. Traditionally, customer retention is seen as requiring human interaction due to its complexity and the need for a personal touch. However, a major fashion retailer demonstrated how Cognigy.AI can effectively handle these interactions.

Customer ExperienceRoutine Retention Scenarios: The AI Agent manages routine retention scenarios, such as offering alternative products or discounts, and recognizes when to escalate more complex cases to human agents.

Operational Efficiency: This approach frees up human agents to focus on higher-value cases, reducing operational costs and improving retention rates by 10%.

“The retention use case had the highest level of excitement around it from us internally because retention is seen as one of those areas that it's not possible to automate. We're seeing around 10% of the customers who go down that path being retained by the AI Agent. So, the bot is having a noticeable impact on retention."


2. Enhancing Customer Service with AI Knowledge Retrieval

The integration of Generative AI in customer service was highlighted for its ability to create more conversational and personalized interactions. Companies shared how they use Generative AI in combination with Cognigy.AI to provide detailed and tailored responses to customer queries.Knowledge AI

Dynamic Conversations: Moving beyond pre-written scripts, Generative AI in combination with Conversational AI allows for dynamic, context-aware conversations filled with company knowledge whilst staying reliable and secure.

"With the integration of Generative AI into Cognigy, our assistant can handle more complex or novel questions by pulling from a vast knowledge base. This ensures that answers are accurate and contextually relevant."


3. Maturity of Voice AI Solutions

Voice automation with Cognigy has reached significant maturity among several customers, enhancing the way businesses interact with their clients over the phone.



Disambiguation Feature: This feature addresses situations with similar or overlapping intents, ensuring accurate understanding and response to customer queries by utilizing additional context or follow-up questions.

"We wanted to give customers a better user experience than before. Now, we guide the customer in a conversational way, making it easier for them to navigate the system, significantly improving their experience.


The roundtable featured both large teams of 50+ and very small teams, long-term customers, and newcomers. Each of the six presenters was passionate about their achievements and the value they provide with their AI Agents. By leveraging the platform for a variety of innovative ideas, including the use of avatars, RPA, Agent Assist capabilities, and backend integrations, customers are making their deployments increasingly intelligent and effective.

If you are interested in participating or presenting at the next Cognigy Customer Roundtable reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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