Authors name: Cognigy November 23, 2021

We offer our customers a broad network of skilled local and global partners across a wide range of leading industries. In our “Partner Spotlight” series, some of our most dedicated partners will kindly be sharing their thoughts on Conversational AI.

Partner spotlight Bucher Suter
Please tell us briefly about your professional background and your current role? How long have you been working at your company?

I have over 25 years of experience in the call center industry. I have been with Bucher + Suter since 2005 and today I am Head of Sales & Sales Consultants. Before that, I was involved in various functions at Cisco in the IP-based changeover of the contact center industry. Before that at Geotel, I did pioneering work in the field of virtual call centers in Europe.

What is special about your company?

Focus, experience, and passion.
Focus means that we are committed to making our clients' end customers happy while increasing the efficiency of the interaction.
Experience is the result of focus, and focus and experience together are the basis for developing passion.

How is your company related to Conversational AI?

As a leading company in the contact center industry, we have been gaining experience in the use of voice self-services for over 25 years. Voice Bots / Conversational AI are a real game-changer because they bring voice self-service and customer service to a whole new level.

What is special about Cognigy and Cognigy.AI? What sets Cognigy apart?

Cognigy excels in three key areas:

    1. Technology: Cognigy is probably the best conversational AI solution on the market.
    2. The people at Cognigy are 100% committed.
    3. Market requirements: Cognigy perfectly covers what big organizations need and has a unique dynamic and ability to deliver outstanding solutions.
There are many “bot” solutions on the market today. In 5 years, most of them will be gone, but the Cognigy platform will still be around.

What do you think is the main reason why some companies still don´t use smart bots across the board?

Good question. The technology is enterprise-ready and easy to use. Setting up, training and further developing a bot is very easy and efficient. I feel certain that companies that don't adopt Conversational AI soon will be missing out on a huge opportunity and will lose market share to their competitors.

How do you see Conversational.AI evolving in the next three years?

I assume that by 2024 bots will be involved in 40% of all customer communication: for business process automation, agent assist, knowledge transfer and translations.

On a personal note: Who would you like to meet for a chat and why? 

There are a few, e.g. Nelson Mandela. He is a role model to me because he fought peacefully, was extremely focused and even risked his life.

And last but not least: Any favorite books, podcasts, blogs, films, series that you´d like to recommend to our readers?
One of my favorite authors is David Precht, and the last book I read was “Artificial Intelligence and the Meaning of Life”.