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Media contact: Martina Yazgan February 27, 2019

Chatty Things by Sascha Wolter – entertaining, informative and more than just a series!

Attention all Conversational AI people – from the curious to the enthusiastic! In our new webinar series, Chatty Things, our tech evangelist Sascha Wolter offers the opportunity to get both inspired and enabled for Conversational AI. Chatty Things presents Conversational AI in a way that is easily approachable and grounded in experience – register now.


Chatty Things


Are you interested in discovering something new, something that will have a huge impact on business as well as life in near future?

Cognigy has created the series Chatty Things for two reasons: to emphasize the importance of design and architecture for developing chatbots and voice assistants and to make Conversational AI accessible to everyone. The series of webinars aims to provide a basic understanding of Conversational AI in all its flavors, share best practices and inspire new ways.

We’ve created episodes 1-3 and there are more to come. For the first and second one, you can already sign up here at no cost. Still wondering if you should register? 

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Here are the reasons, why to watch Chatty Things:

In the first episode, you will learn how relevant chatbots and language assistants are already today and their increasing importance in the future. Sascha demystifies the magic of Conversational AI in a few minutes and without complicated code. This episode makes it easy to understand basic chatbot development and is valuable for all audiences.

The second episode focuses on a process for identifying use cases and creating conversational flows. This process supports the implementation of chatbots and voice services from conception up to release. Identify the typical design patterns of Conversational Design in a practical way, learn to solve pain-points and make virtual assistants more sensitive and flexible!


Chatty Things is your opportunity to easily acquire Conversational AI knowledge, to finally implement your new skills and expertise into your daily work – whether you are building a voice skill in Amazon Alexa or a chatbot on Facebook Messenger!

Are you interested in a particular topic or would you like to learn more about a topic mentioned in this article? Please feel free to contact us. We’re delighted to get inspired by you! Chatty Things is made from Conversational AI lovers for Conversational AI lovers!

Register today! We’re really looking forward to your participation!

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