May 24, 2023 | DÜSSELDORF and SAN FRANCISCO Cognigy, the market leader in Conversational AI, today announced the launch of its latest innovative product, Cognigy xApps. The new offering is designed to bridge communication gaps across various channels and redefine customer engagement through multimodal journeys.

Cognigy xApps are mobile-first, micro web applications that offer seamless, friction-free customer experiences on channels customers prefer. xApps allow brands to provide personalized, engaging self-service solutions that merge text, voice, visuals, and web applications, enhancing customer interactions on any channel, thus delivering multimodal capabilities.

"Cognigy xApps are a game-changer in customer service," says Phillip Heltewig, CEO of Cognigy. "They're designed to transform customer relationships by merging multimodal and omnichannel customer experiences. We envision a world where every customer interaction feels like a unified, effortless experience. With xApps, that vision is now a reality."

The cutting-edge xApps provide multimodal resolution, leveraging different communication modes such as text, touch, visual, and voice, making customer interactions more efficient. They seamlessly integrate into omnichannel customer conversations and enterprise systems like CRM, booking, and ticketing platforms. Customers can effortlessly switch between web sessions and their preferred channel in real-time without losing context.

Moreover, xApps harness mobile device capabilities like camera, GPS, mobile wallets, and facial recognition to unlock new levels of service experiences. Processes like location sharing, file upload, and biometric authentication can all seamlessly occur within a natural conversation.

Some key use cases for Cognigy xApps are:

  • Secure authentication on any channel, for easy and reliable self-service
  • Enhancing phone conversations with rich media experiences for faster case resolution
  • Seamless integration of web applications into any conversational experience for optimal UX

Cognigy xApps' added value lies in their ability to enhance retention with speed to resolution, gain a customer experience edge with omnichannel experience, and drive efficiency through automation.

Cognigy.AI now integrates Cognigy xApps as part of its leading Conversational AI platform Cognigy.AI. For more info on Cognigy xApps, visit our product blog. Bot designers can start building their own xApps today by signing up for a Cognigy.AI Free Trial.