Developing a Conversational AI Road Map

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Thiago Leite
Media contact: Thiago Leite October 7, 2020

Our colleague, Jessica Gopalakrishnan, has recently published an article on Forbes on the importance of developing a Conversational AI road map to drive your company forward. According to her, it is important to first comprehend some of the opportunities made possible by Conversational AI: "Intelligent chatbots enable organizations to offer a more intuitive, natural way to interact with their customers and employees through external and internal self-service applications. As a business leader, you can leverage these capabilities in a variety of ways to reduce wait times and improve your customers' satisfaction."

She goes on to highlight customer communication, cognitive capture (the ability to recognize and extract information from uploaded documents), orchestration and case management and electronic signature, as some of the more relevant use cases made possible by the technology. 

Furthermore, the article discusses some simple ways to get started with conversational automation and which areas will drive your approach to designing the correct road map for your organization to make it a reality. You should definitely head over to Forbes to read the full article yourself.

And if you want a deep dive into the basics of Conversational AI, we recommend you our Essential Guide to Conversational AI as well as our Glossary as the best places to do so.