publication dateAug 3, 2021
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Germany’s Largest Building Society Has Opted for Cognigy To Relieve the Burden on the Dialog Center

written by: Sascha Poggemann
As the co-founder and COO at Cognigy, Sascha focuses on bringing practical applications for digital and interactive customer service to growing and established companies. He is an experienced speaker on the topics of new technology, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship.
Schwäbisch Hall uses Cognigy.AI for customer service

DÜSSELDORF, August 3rd, 2021 – Cognigy, a global leader in customer service automation, supports Schwäbisch Hall in the digital transformation of its customer service. Germany's largest building society uses the Conversational AI platform Cognigy.AI to help its more than 7 million customers with questions outside business hours and without waiting times. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction as well as relieve the customer Dialog Center through automated answers to recurring inquiries. The customer service team can use Cognigy's low-code platform to create and manage intelligent bots on their own. The AI understands written or spoken concerns across a wide range and can resolve them in natural language. 

Cognigy is the only Conversational AI provider to date to be AIC4-approved and GDPR-compliant. The AI platform can also be operated on-premises. Cognigy.AI thus meets the strict guidelines in terms of data protection, security, and freedom from bias that a financial institution like Schwäbisch Hall must fulfill.

In the first step, a webchat was implemented that guides users to the desired destination on In further expansion stages, Cognigy.AI will be connected with backend systems and the Dialog Center's telephony system. This will enable customers to request information by phone and initiate processes such as status queries, release orders, or customer account issues (account statement, change of address, etc.).

"As the largest building society and leading provider of construction financing, Schwäbisch Hall relies on consistent customer orientation - this is also confirmed by the recently won Finanz-Award 2021. In order to further increase the satisfaction of our customers, we have decided to use Cognigy.AI. With it, we want to offer our customers a high-quality, around-the-clock service without waiting time. The virtual assistants created with Cognigy should be able to answer more and more inquiries independently, thus giving our Dialog Center more time for consulting as well as for complex, individual requests," explains project manager Thomas Lehmann from Schwäbisch Hall.

"We see Conversational AI as a strategically important element for our customer service and have deliberately chosen a particularly secure, reliable, and at the same time easy-to-use enterprise solution."

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