Derek Roberti
Media contact: Derek Roberti September 23, 2019

You know you should get started bringing Conversational AI to your business, but you haven’t found the right timing or relevant projects for this new technology. To get an initiative started, you need to answer the question “What’s the business case for Conversational AI?”

Early adopters have been building chatbots for the past three years either because of the amount of pain they are in – typically trying to address significant issues of scale in the contact center – or because they want to get a head start in adopting a technology that is relevant and continuously improving.

But what about the rest of us?

I had a funny conversation after a talk at a recent contact center event. It went like this:

Attendee: Everyone is doing chatbots these days.
Me: So true. Are you?
Attendee: No.

But this wasn't just one interaction; it was almost a dozen.
I always asked, “Why not?” The answers fell into three categories:

1. "We're thinking of doing something next year."
2. "We know we should be doing this, but we haven't started."
3. "We're concerned about the customer experience."

These translate to:

1. I don't have time or budget.
2. Day-to-day operations make it hard to think “big picture”.
3. I'm skeptical about chatbots.

But, at heart, these boil down to:

I don't have a business case or roadmap.

This is understandable — the technology is new, and everyone is finding their own way. You purchased your IVR years ago and have recurring maintenance that you plan on and budget for. Your website and marketing tools run on a similar cadence.

But Conversational AI may not have found a place in your technology roadmap and doesn't exist in your annual budget planning.

And that's why we've written a white paper on A New Era for Automation in Customer Service with Conversational AI. We want to help you understand and start building a business case, a sense of urgency, and a call to action within your organization.

We identified five areas you need to understand to bring Conversational AI in all its forms — in chatbots, on your mobile app, over text messages, by voice and more — to your Customer Experience initiatives and Customer Care operations:

  • What is Conversational AI, and why is it a game-changer?
  • How can conversational interfaces have a positive, measurable impact on your KPIs?
  • What are enterprise requirements to watch out for when selecting a platform?
  • Where do you start, and how do you grow?

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