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Cognigy supercharges Twilio Conversational AI

written by: Philipp Heltewig
Philipp is a German-Australian entrepreneur with profound technology experience working for companies in Europe, APAC and North America. Since 2016, Heltewig has been co-founder and CEO of Cognigy, focusing on the automation of customer and employee services through Conversational AI.

Cognigy showcases advanced Conversational Automation solutions at Twilio SIGNAL 2019 - the Customer & Developer Conference in San Francisco, August 6-7, 2019.

At the show, Cognigy will announce an out-of-the-box, one-click integration of its advanced Conversational Automation Platform with Twilio Autopilot, Flex, Programmable Voice and Programmable SMS (+ WhatsApp). With this integration businesses can automate customer contact center operations at an unprecedented depth and quality.

By combining Cognigy's and Twilio's platforms, enterprises can deploy advanced conversational automation solutions in customer contact centers. Smart, AI-powered automations handle inquiries without making the customer wait in the contact center queue. The interactions can access backend system data (e.g. CRM or ERP data) in real time, elevating the automation from simple question answering to carrying out full transactions, such as unblocking credit cards, changing hotel bookings, and accessing account information can be completed end-to-end through Cognigy's conversational interface and automation engine.


Using the combined power of Cognigy.AI, integrated deeply within existing enterprise backend systems (e.g. CRM, ERP), and Twilio, the world‘s leading cloud communications platform, we enable unique new automation use cases across various enterprise departments functions.

Businesses can manage their conversational processes without the need for complex coding using Cognigy’s intuitive graphical workbench.

Cognigy is showcasing these solutions at Twilio SIGNAL on August 6-7 in San Francisco. Come visit us at booth M09 or book a demo today:


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