Martina Yazgan
Media contact: Martina Yazgan June 5, 2019

June 05, 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany /  Sydney, Australia. Cognigy, a leading conversational AI provider, and Switch, Australia's leading user experience focused digital solutions provider, are proud to announce their partnership. This new partnership combines Cognigy’s advanced enterprise-grade conversational AI technology with Switch’s renowned expertise and track record for exceptional implementations, offering customers seamless, intuitive omni-channel experiences.

While it can be easy to get caught up in the hype of a new digital trend, voice, and conversational AI are technologies that are very much game-changing. With obvious user benefits and huge adoption rates (57% adoption rate of voice assistants in Australia, in the last year alone, according to iProspect, 2019) it’s safe to say that voice is the future.

“Cognigy.AI enables organizations to build advanced conversational AIs within minutes. With the ability to integrate with backend systems, Cognigy provides accurate, up-to-date, and personalized conversations that can be scaled to any depth and extended across multiple sessions, to create consistent, human-like discussions. With our highly valued partner Switch we aim to enable businesses to keep up with customer expectations and engage via chatbots, voice assistants, IoT, and more, creating exceptional user experiences.” – Philipp Heltewig, CEO Cognigy. 

Nick Jones Senior Business Development Manager, Switch: “We will also be able to provide seamless Sitecore/Cognigy implementations, to easily manage content and create natural, up to date dialogue flows. Using the power of Sitecore xConnect, all conversational data - from conversions to in-the-moment profiling - can be stored directly in xDB.”

This data can then be used by Cognigy to provide personalisation on future visits to your website or interactions with conversational channels. Cognigy also takes advantage of Web Content Management, where Sitecore continues to act as the single source of truth for content.

Switch has delivered a wide range of projects on the Sitecore Experience Platform since 2010 to achieve success for customers with Content, Cloud, eCommerce, and systems integration.

For more information about how Cognigy can transform your customer experience, visit or get in touch with Switch to find out how to get started with implementing a conversational AI strategy.



About Switch: 

Switch is an award-winning platinum Sitecore Enterprise Solution Provider partner with proven success in delivering the complete vision for customer experience management and measurement. We create composable solutions for businesses to connect with their customers through intelligent design, strong implementation, structured support, defined metrics, and future optimization strategies.

Andrew Davenport
Managing Director
Tel: 0418 828 120

About Cognigy: 

Cognigy is a global leader in the Conversational AI marketplace. Cognigy.AI is a highly-flexible enterprise conversational AI Platform to build advanced, integrated conversational automation solutions through the use of cognitive bots. On premises or in the cloud, leading organizations have standardized on the Cognigy platform to accelerate their adoption of RPA and Conversational AI while maintaining centralized control of security, user administration, privacy and compliance.