Sascha Poggemann
Media contact: Sascha Poggemann March 11, 2021

DÜSSELDORF, SAN FRANCISCO, 11. March 2021 – DATEV, the third-largest provider of business software in Germany, relies on the Conversational AI platform from Cognigy to develop smart, data protection-compliant voice bots for its solutions in the fields of tax, legal and auditing as well as corporate software.

The DATEV Innovation Lab has had repeat positive experiences with voice projects from the Düsseldorf customer service automation platform, Cognigy.AI. An example of this is the Alexa skill “DATEV Lab Nachrichten Steuern und Recht” (in German only). Tax consultants, lawyers, auditors and other professionals can use Alexa to access the latest news and specialist information. These findings are now being incorporated into specific B2B applications that are intended to make customer dialogues and cooperation between tax and law firms and their clients more effective.

DATEV eG services over 380,000 customers, which includes tax consultants, auditors, lawyers and corporate professionals. The company ranks third in business software providers in Germany (source: IDC, 2020).

“At DATEV, we develop business applications in which highly sensitive data must be securely processed. In our Conversational AI innovation research, we therefore need an enterprise solution that enables data protection, data security, identity management, etc., according to the strictest guidelines. And at the same a platform that is highly integrative and easy to use. Above all, with Cognigy.AI we have great options for structuring conversations – to gain the best possible user experience. Cognigy.AI fulfills all these expectations with a very high degree of maturity, which is unique in this young market,” explains Dominik Henkel, project manager from the DATEV Lab.


Cognigy.AI is an essential part of a project for voice bots at DATEV

The first step is to develop a smart voice agent that supports DATEV customers in organizing their daily work and in working with DATEV solutions. DATEV customers should receive answers to their individual questions around the clock and even when they are on the go, as well as intelligent support. For example, in project management in the law firms, with information on expiring deadlines or the processing status of projects and the like.


Cognigy.AI offers the highest level of data protection

The protection of user data is deeply anchored in the platform design of Cognigy.AI. This includes comprehensive control over all user-related content, granular control of user rights and generally encrypted data exchange. All data is stored in European data centers in compliance with the GDPR or can be processed completely "on-premise" by companies, which DATEV has also chosen. Cognigy's cybersecurity and risk management systems are SOC2 certified.