Top-rated brands provide an outstanding customer experience. They make customer interactions convenient, painless, and quick. With messaging – through SMS, live chat, Facebook Messenger and others – as the #1 preferred method of communication, technology is at the heart of a great customer experience. When technology is not used effectively, however, the quality of customer service, efficiency and employee satisfaction are all impacted, even jeopardized.

In the March 2020 CCW Digital State of Contact Center Technology, they explore several areas of tech utilization, including top objectives, biggest technology mistakes, automation usage and more. As a sponsor of the report, we identified several powerful insights and takeaways on why contact centers should rethink their current technology.

When contact centers evaluate technology, the report shows that the #1 objective is reducing customer effort. Simply put, organizations must make it easy for customers to do business with them. Achieving consistency across all touch points is the #2 contact center objective, which points to the importance of having an omni-channel strategy. Download the report to see all objectives.

For contact centers that use AI, surprisingly, 95% of organizations believe they are NOT very successfully using AI for customer interactions. This means that only 5% believe they are very successful with solutions like chatbots, smart IVRs, and intelligent routing platforms. Just 8% believe they are very successful at using AI to improve operational performance.

In addition, CCW Digital’s Consumer Preferences Survey reveals that 88% have NOT witnessed meaningful improvements to their brand experiences over the past few years. Nowadays, companies need to be on top of the latest technology, and a few years of not updating their customer service platforms could be holding them back.

A clean 40% say they are unable to connect their different channels, which adds fracture points to the experience journey (legacy systems). And 39% of companies are also struggling to integrate contact center solutions with broader enterprise systems.
Overall, the report shows that there is a definite need for organizations to adopt AI solutions, however, the majority are overdue to get started.

Cognigy provides a Conversational AI platform that supports contact centers that want to be successful with a next-level automation solution.

Five ways Cognigy’s intelligent chatbots and virtual agents can help contact centers be successful with AI:

  1. Automating conversations with Cognigy help contact centers accomplish the two top objectives of contact centers of reducing customer effort and providing a consistent omni-channel experience via an enterprise-grade platform.
  2. Cognigy’s intelligent chatbots transform the customer experience for companies that haven’t changed in years. Cognigy delivers far more than traditional chatbots who communicate basic FAQs.
  3. Cognigy.AI integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems, providing a standardized architecture for any bot in any department.
  4. Cognigy’s graphical editor makes it intuitive for all departments and functions to build and maintain intelligent chatbots, not just IT.
  5. Cognigy is scalable and flexible for AI advancements.

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Download the CCW Digital State of Contact Center Technology Market Study.