Loved by Customer Support: Over 50% Decrease in Agent Turnover with Cognigy.AI

GoVets' experience with Cognigy has been nothing short of transformative. With their state-of-the-art conversational AI solution Cognigy.AI, GoVets has been able to overcome the challenges of customer service growth and provide a first-class experience to their customers. The Cognigy solution has been instrumental in improving GoVets' customer service operations and providing a foundation for continued growth and success.


Key Highlights




Customers served


Decrease in Agent Turnover

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Marc Bernard

President @Veratics, Inc


As a best-of-breed Conversational AI solution, Cognigy.AI has been instrumental in helping GoVets handle many of the customer support challenges that come with our explosive growth. Resulting in over 60% of customer requests being handled by virtual agents.



About GoVets

Veratics, Inc (dba GoVets) owns and operates – The Nation’s Largest Veteran Owned Online Store


Fast Facts

The website offers free shipping on millions of products and provides exceptional USA-based customer service and support. Veratics, Inc was established in January 2013.


Use Case

Product availability status over voice and chat for 3 million products with live agent handover

Order Status Information with Zendesk-Integration: virtual agent provides exact status with shipping timeline and tracking information over voice and chat.



Calls routed to live agents have decreased by 60% YoY

Increased Agent satisfaction and Agent turnover decrease by 50%+

Notable decrease in customer escalations.

The Challenge

GoVets is an e-commerce platform with over 3 million products and 250,000 customers. They were faced with several growth-related challenges in their customer service operations in recent years.

With an exponential increase in the number of calls, chats, and tickets from customers, it became challenging to find and retain qualified customer service staff to support their growing volume.

The seasonal spikes in volumes put additional stress on existing staff, making it impossible to sustain their customer service operations efficiently. The company realized that they needed a solution to address this volatility, which was often related to very similar questions and use cases.

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The Solution

In their quest for a flexible solution, GoVets was looking for a solution that could integrate with their existing technology stack and have a well-documented and sophisticated API interface.

They wanted a solution that could integrate with their implementation of Zendesk and have the flexibility to retrieve data from their e-commerce platform. After evaluating and having demos of several high-rated and well-known enterprise conversational AI vendors, GoVets chose Cognigy.AI based on the outstanding capabilities of the platform, the supporting documentation, and the sales/support staff surrounding the tool.

The chat- and voice agents based on Cognigy.AI handle all incoming customer requests with customers having the option to request and being forwarded to a live agent if needed.


The Impact

GoVets has noticed an immediate impact, they have experienced a 50% reduction in requests being handled by live agents in the first year. With their continued growth over the past year, their chat and call volume have decreased, enabling their customer support agents to spend more time addressing important issues, helping escalated customers, or spending more time with high-value customers.

The implementation of Cognigy has resulted in a decrease in chat and call volumes routed to live agents by 60% year over year, increased employee satisfaction, and a decrease in staff turnover rate by at least 50%. Agents report higher job satisfaction and can spend time on more important issues and high-value customers. As a result, the staff can also spend more time managing their Zendesk ticket queues and minimizing/preventing further customer escalations.


Zendesk Integration


E-Commerce Integration


Live Agent Handover

We firmly believe that Generative AI will have a transformative impact on customer service and are convinced that Cognigy is the right partner to maximize the use of Generative AI. For instance, use it for bot-building such as creating additional flows but also improving our customer-facing conversations.

Marc Bernard President @Veratics, Inc

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