Janio Asia deploys a customer-facing Conversational AI in three weeks

Cognigy’s conversational AI platform helped the Janio Asia team build an integrated bot into Zendesk and successfully automated 25% of customer queries within the first two months.

Sayid M. Furqan
Sayid M. Furqan

Head of Regional Customer Support  @Janio Asia


“We evaluated several vendors and concluded that Cognigy.AI is the most advanced and comprehensive platform that can deliver intuitive conversations across all of our channels. A major benefit is Cognigy’s pre-made AI structure and integration capabilities, which gave us the fastest way to achieve a multi-lingual, multi-channel solution.”


About Janio Asia

Janio Asia is a logistics solution provider that facilitates eCommerce companies around the world to gain easy access to the most important markets in Southeast Asia.


Fast Facts

Industry: Logistics
Services: E-Commerce Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Customer Clearance

7 Agents-2

Cognigy Use Case

Track-and-Trace bot on webchat and WhatsApp integrated into Zendesk

Data Mangament-1


Conversational AI solves >10,000 tickets per month
Increase in customer satisfaction
25% deflection from Janio Asia’s customer support team

The Challenge

Janio Asia aims to create a seamless logistics experience for all eCommerce players who want to expand their markets. They closely monitor the customer experience, which is their top priority, and want to be transparent and accessible to gain their client’s trust.

To achieve their goal, they put technical solutions in place that give customers exact information of the whereabouts of their freight. They implemented a track-and-trace solution that resulted in a ticket to be handled by customer service, but soon realized to tackle all their customer’s queries, they needed another way.


The Solution

A dedicated team started to evaluate conversational AI platforms to be ready for further growth and enable around-the-clock customer service. After close evaluation, they decided on Cognigy.AI as it offered the most advanced features with a pre-made AI structure and multilingual, multi-channel capabilities.

Adji Pahlawan Mahdiantoro, the customer support team lead at Janio Asia assures that conversational AI is one of the answers to achieving great customer service and states: “Cognigy.AI is the answer to customers’ demands. It is very effective and easy-to-use to implement virtual agents to support our team. We can create our own intents, conversation flows, and we can even make our AI learn a new language”.


The Impact

Today, the Janio Asia bot answers more than 10,000 customer inquiries per month.

This represents a significant gain in productivity, as more than 25% of queries no longer require staff intervention.

In the future, Janio Asia sees the Cognigy conversational AI platform playing an increasingly important role in powering the company’s ability to scale and expand to support new internal and external use cases.


Speaks 3 Languages


Solves >10K Ticktes per month


Handles >25% of Inquiries Without Human Support

User Enagagment

Zendesk-& WhatsApp-Integration

Working with Cognigy has drastically reduced our time to market from the initial three months to 3 weeks. We were pleasantly surprised by the intuitiveness of their user interface and flow builder.

Ryan Chong
Engineering Manager @ Janio Asia

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