We love partnering!

Join us in bringing revolutionary, enterprise-grade conversational AI to the world - together as partners!

We want you to implement!

We’re great at delivering world class software, but you’re the ones working with your customers in implementing it.

  • You lead the project, your employees implement the solution
  • We support your implementation if needed
  • We will never compete with you – we’re partners!


We support you!

We will help you get ready to sell, implement and support cutting-edge AI solutions for your customers.

  • Cognigy will provide you with extensive technical and sales training
  • Full product documentation and in-product help
  • Technical support at your fingertips


We transfer leads directly to you!

At Cognigy, we believe in a winning team to conquer the market! That team is you – together with us.

  • We sell our software, you sell the implementation
  • We don’t implement – so we get you in to help with that
  • Together we create a winning customer solution

Enjoy smooth after sales support!

Cognigy cares about the project long after the project is over – because a happy customer is a returning customer.

  • We give you the tools to continue a long customer relationship
  • Help optimize their AI over time by using COGNIGY.AI analytics
  • Get direct access to our support to ensure customer satisfaction


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