Nestlé Selects Cognigy for Global Customer Service Transformation

May 16th, 2024 | San Francisco, Düsseldorf Cognigy, a global leader in AI-enabled customer service solutions, announces its selection as the global vendor for Nestlé's customer-facing AI conversations. This decision is a significant strategic move by Nestlé to leverage Cognigy's solution, enhancing its customer service operations worldwide.

"We chose Cognigy.AI for its extensive capabilities, which align perfectly with our vision of providing exceptional, personalized customer service on a global scale. Cognigy's AI technology not only integrates seamlessly with our existing systems but also offers the scalability and adaptability necessary to meet the dynamic needs of our customers and live agents across different markets,"
-  Gerard Martinez, Consumer Chatbots Product Owner at Nestlé.



 The transition to Cognigy.AI as part of Nestlé's global strategy replaces a fragmented landscape of existing chatbots. The collaboration between Nestlé and Cognigy launches with the transition of digital services into the Cognigy platform. This approach will establish a robust operational framework within Nestlé, providing the foundation to deploy innovative and AI-driven customer service on a global scale.


Philipp Heltewig, CEO and Co-Founder of Cognigy said, "Welcoming Nestlé as our customer exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in global customer service operations. We are thrilled to support Nestlé as they enhance its customer interactions worldwide with Cognigy’s AI Agents."

The newly established framework is now the cornerstone of the Virtual Assistant Global Solution, transforming how Nestlé manages and deploys its customer service solutions.

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